GT Passport’s Business Club open to new Members

GT Passport has launched a Business Club for businesses and visitor attractions along its four UK Driving Routes. These scenic and engaging Grand Touring routes aim to direct visitors into areas often missed on the itineraries of touring holidaymakers and staycationers. Businesses which could capitalise on the increasing visitor footfall are encouraged to sign-up, free, for basic membership which includes a free listing on the GT Passport website, to help tourists find their premises during the planning stages of their holiday.

Following more than a year of travel disruption and uncertainty across the industry, GT Passport’s UK Route-Coordinator, Ally Campbell, hopes that free Membership will give tourism-based companies a more prominent presence on one of the touring routes promoted by GT Passport.

“The businesses along our routes vary from boutique shops, cafe’s and restaurants, glamping sites, B&Bs, luxury hotels, and leisure parks. Every one of them has been impacted by the world-changing events of 2020 and those who have mustered through it, or are trying to stage a comeback, deserve every support they can get. We have seen how Government support doesn’t always reach those who need it, so we have tried to find a way to allow these businesses to get back in front of a relevant audience without additional costs. Once they see the benefits of joining our Business Club for themselves, they can then decide, further down the line, if they can justify the step up to our premium services which will undoubtedly serve them even better.”

Business Club Members will be eligible to upgrade later in the year to Official Pit-Stop status which includes a listing on the official interactive App and Route Guidebooks, giving them the means to ‘stamp’ the GT Passports of visitors as they enjoy the routes.

The four UK routes include two in Southern and Central Scotland, and two in England, with one reaching into Wales. These routes can be viewed in detail below.

Businesses which have a presence on (or very near) these routes, which hope to target road-trip tourism, are invited to sign-up to the Business Club for free via the link below, or by visiting

Terms and conditions

GT Passport Routes

The High Road

The South of Scotland

The Midlands Loop

Southern England


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